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About Proline Appraisal Services

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Pro Line's primary clients are the major chartered banks in Ontario. We also serve the needs of:
… Real estate and business brokers
… Business owners
… Business consultants
… Law firms
… Leasing companies

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Each of Pro Line's appraisers is a member in good standing of or accredited by at least one of the following:
... Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (C.P.P.A.)
... Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers (C.A.P.P.A)

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We endeavour to complete every project in an efficient manner. Because there are a number of highly committed and competent professionals in our group, Pro Line can respond on relatively short notice and deliver the reliable results you need on a timely basis.

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You'll find our rates fair and reasonable. Giving good value for your investment is what Pro Line is all about.

Expertise With a Wide Range of Projects

Pro Line has excellent knowledge of the small-business loan programs offered by the chartered banks in Ontario and supported by Industry Canada. Regardless of the magnitude, complexity or type of project, trust Pro Line to produce a professional, reliable report every time. Our areas of expertise include:

... Restaurants/Hospitality
... Sale/Lease-Backs
... Franchise Businesses
... Medical/Dental Practices
... Transportation and Construction
... Manufacturing Facilities
... Plus much more

Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group Code of Ethics

  • The appraiser will accept an appraisal assignment only if the appraisal can be performed without bias.
  • The appraiser shall disclose any interest in the subject property.
  • The appraiser shall obtain all relevant facts relating to the subject property in order to form the final analysis of value.
  • The appraiser shall respect and maintain the confidential nature of an appraisal report. The contents of the report shall not be disclosed to the third parties unless by a court order, or by consent from the client.
  • The appraiser shall not access any "prohibited fee" in seeking compensation for a report.
  • The appraiser shall maintain and demonstrate respect for others in the appraisal profession.


"The pleasure in our communication thus far is all mine, and the pride in which you do your work is was quite evident, even over the few telephone conversations we have had. Your excellent people skills and judgement, combined with their efficient competence and detailed thoroughness in all aspects of being of service to towards this venture has made this experience an enjoyable one. I would therefore never hesitate to recommend you for the service, that you are capable of providing.

Thank you for your usual and continued support."

Mr. Luke Psarianos, President
Clareville Kitchens Ltd.